John Kovacs Feb. – March 2022 Newsletter

John Kovacs Feb. – March 2022 Newsletter

Hello Fellow Patriot!

Thank you for your support in helping me bring my America First conservative agenda to Washington. This newsletter is the fourth in a series that will be sent out to inform supporters about our campaign’s activities, major issues, and events taking place in Nevada, in the Third Congressional District (CD-3), nationally, and around the world. 

February and early March were a great success, and I hope to build upon this success in the coming months. In the sections that follow, I will highlight our new Election Integrity Center, our new campaign digital ad, top campaign events from February and March, and significant issues facing Nevada and the country. I will then mention our plans for late March and early April, which will see the continuation of our push to win the June primary.

The Election Integrity Center: Our Contribution to the Fight for Fair Elections

For months, Nevada voters have expressed concern about the integrity of the state’s election process. Our campaign shared their concerns and decided to take action to address them. As such, we are proud to introduce our Election Integrity Center, which is now live on our campaign website! It has links to documents and web pages that explain all about the election process, online portals that allow people to register to vote or check their voter registration, and forms that allow people to sign up to be poll workers and mail-in vote counters. It also provides a comprehensive list of key dates leading up to the June primary election. Become informed and get involved in the election process today!

New Campaign Digital Ad

In February, our campaign launched a new digital ad highlighting all of the important things that make me the best Republican candidate in
CD-3. Click below to learn more.

Or Click Here To Watch On YouTube.

February/Early March-TOP EVENTS

On February 10th, I went on Kevin Wall’s radio show for the first of two interviews during the month. We discussed Governor Steve Sisolak’s decision to lift Nevada’s mask mandate, the Democrats’ political pivot on COVID-19 policies and defunding the police, the Democrats’ politicization of January 6th, 2021, the water crisis in Southern Nevada, and the Beijing Olympics. Click below to listen.

Or Click Here To Listen On YouTube.

On February 24th, I sat for another interview with Kevin Wall. We discussed the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Biden’s weakness on the world stage, the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, and four key issues facing Nevadans: inflation, crime, illegal immigration, and election integrity.

This Interview Is Exceptionally Informative, So Please Be Sure To Click Below To Listen.

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On February 19th and 26th, as well as March 12th, our campaign’s volunteers knocked on doors, thus beginning what will be a regular occurrence throughout the rest of the primary. These efforts are the most effective way to spread my America First conservative message to the people of CD-3.

On March 9th, I delivered my first major address of the campaign to the Las Vegas Conservative Town Hall Group at the Ahern Hotel. I informed the audience about my background, my policy stances, and my qualifications, and I even took a few questions at the end. It was a fantastic opportunity to push my message, and the crowd really enjoyed what they heard.

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On March 10th, I formally filed my candidacy for CD-3. This means that I paid a filing fee, filled out the necessary paperwork, and am now all in to represent the district’s residents in Congress.

Also on March 10th, I returned to Kevin Wall’s radio show for yet another interview. We discussed my official filing for CD-3, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the massive rise in gas prices that the country has experienced, and the need to increase oil and gas production to bring down those prices. Click below to listen.

Or Click Here To Listen On YouTube.

We look forward to attending and hosting more events in March, April, and beyond!

Major Issues and Events

While many major issues and events are impacting Nevadans and Americans more broadly, there are seven that have stood apart in the past few months:

Inflation/Unemployment: Inflation continues to be a great danger to the American economy, as supply-chain bottlenecks limit the amount of available goods and government stimulus drives demand beyond what the economy can bear. And February and March saw no sign of relief. Inflation rose by 7.5 percent between January 2021 and January 2022, and by 7.9 percent between February 2021 and February 2022. Both of these percentages are records dating back to 1982, and they forced the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates at its March 16th meeting. This action will begin to ease rampant inflation, but it will do so at the high price of slowing economic activity and increasing unemployment. As such, the economy is in for a rough time in the coming months, trapped between continued high inflation and the tradeoff of higher unemployment. I hope we will be able to avoid a recession, but that outcome seems increasingly likely.

Russian Invasion of Ukraine: Because Joe Biden has shown himself to be an absolute disaster in the realm of foreign policy (especially after the pullout from Afghanistan), Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided to fulfill his long-term ambition to recreate the Russian Empire. To this end, Putin has ordered troops to invade Russia’s western neighbor, Ukraine, in the hopes of installing a puppet government and taking control of the country’s resources. While his gambit has not succeeded thus far, this move is extremely damaging for the United States because it shows that we don’t have the will to deter countries that want to invade weaker neighbors. The signal will now go out to the Chinese government that they can pursue their own territorial ambitions, such as taking control of Taiwan. Joe Biden’s fecklessness has endangered American interests globally and ensured that the world will become a much more dangerous place.

Skyrocketing Gas Prices: While closely intertwined with inflation and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, gas prices in the U.S. have increased so substantially since Joe Biden took office in late January 2021 that they deserve their own mention. During this period, the average price of gas in the U.S. has risen from $2.46 to $4.11 per gallon, an increase of 79 percent. Seeking to avoid voter anger, Biden has blamed the price spikes on Vladimir Putin’s military actions. An analysis reveals that while the invasion caused a sharp uptick in prices over the last month, they had actually been rising long before then. When Biden became president, the average price of gas in the U.S. was $2.46 per gallon. On the eve of the conflict in late February of this year, the price was $3.62 per gallon. This means that the price of gas had increased 47 percent (a majority of the overall increase) before the invasion of Ukraine even commenced. As such, the biggest culprits for high gas prices are Joe Biden’s policies, namely his stifling of oil and gas production on federal lands, his cancelation of the Keystone XL Pipeline, and his inflationary COVID-19 relief bill. All of these actions reduced the supply of oil and gas or increased demand for them, which caused the massive price spikes that are making life difficult for middle- and low-income Americans.

COVID-19/Mask Mandates: In January, the battle over COVID-19 policy centered on the courts, as Republicans and conservatives sought to overturn Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates. February, however, saw action abruptly shift to the states. Many Democrat Governors, finally realizing that anger over strict COVID-19 mandates could hurt them at the polls in November, announced either a gradual or immediate end to statewide mask mandates. Among them was Governor Sisolak, who lifted Nevada’s mandate on February 10th, effective immediately. In addition to Democrats in the states pulling back on COVID-19 restrictions, February also saw Republicans go on offense. Virginia’s new Governor, Glenn Youngkin, won his battle against pro-mask mandate forces and convinced the State Legislature to prevent school districts from requiring students to wear masks, starting March 1st. This victory was all the more remarkable given the fact that Democrats control the Virginia Senate. The developments from February clearly show that momentum is very much with those who want to lift restrictive COVID-19 policies such as mask mandates and establish a return to normalcy. 

Canadian Truckers’ Convoy: In January, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau mandated that all truckers in Canada get vaccinated against COVID-19. Given that they are isolated in cabs for most of the day and that they had previously been exempt from vaccine mandates, this move infuriated many truckers, including those who had already been vaccinated. In response, they led a convoy to the national capital, Ottawa, and set up blockades of U.S.-Canada border crossings in Windsor, Ontario, and Coutts, Alberta. Trudeau’s government reacted by denouncing the protestors as racists and Nazis, as well as invoking emergency powers to shut down protests and cut off funding to the truckers. Ultimately, the protests were cleared and Trudeau called off the invocation of emergency powers, but the standoff left a permanent scar on Canadian society. While this political drama took place to the north, it drew huge interest in the United States because of the similar concerns about how governments here have usurped personal freedoms during the COVID-19 pandemic. This could be seen in the massive number of small-dollar donations that Americans made to the truckers, as well as the formation of a copycat truckers’ convoy in California that later traveled to Washington, D.C. As such, the Canadian truckers’ convoy will certainly have an impact on the midterm elections.

Parents’ Revolt Against Left-Wing Education Officials: Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a nationwide parental uprising against the reluctance of many government officials to open public schools for in-person learning, heavy-handed mask mandates in public schools, and the left-wing nature of the public school curriculum, especially on racial and gender issues. The latest major flare-up happened in one of the least likely places: San Francisco, a city well-known for its strong brand of political liberalism. On February 15th, the city held a recall election to decide the fate of three far-left school board members, and all were removed from office by between 69 and 77 percent of the vote. The voters, led by parents, took this action after a long list of transgressions by the school board that included not reopening schools quickly after the initial wave of COVID-19, trying to rename 44 schools in the city that had “problematic” (read: racist, colonialist) names, trying to change the admissions process at the prestigious Lowell High School from merit-based to a lottery, and expressing bigoted language toward Asian Americans. The results show 1) that parents are rising up to protect their children from the designs of political officials, and 2) that even the most liberal places in the country are tired of strict COVID-19 policies and woke ideology. Democrats across the country, including in Nevada, should take note of the outcome in San Francisco and be very concerned about their prospects in the midterms.

Joe Biden’s Pick for Supreme Court Justice: In late January, Justice Stephen Breyer, a member of the Supreme Court’s liberal wing, announced that he would be retiring at the end of the 2021-2022 term. This development led Joe Biden’s staff to begin the search for a nominee. Normally, this process is beneficial for a president’s approval ratings, as it allows him to rally his party’s base and bring dejected supporters back into line. Biden, however, squandered any benefit he might receive by saying that he would only appoint a black woman to the Court. The public did not want the pick to be chosen based on skin color and gender, as evidenced by a poll showing that 76 percent of Americans, including a majority of Democrats, wanted all potential nominees to receive consideration. Then, when Biden finally announced Ketanji Brown Jackson (a staunch liberal) as his pick, he did so as media coverage was totally focused on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. As such, while the nomination of a Supreme Court justice will be an issue in the midterms and Biden will likely get a political win in the end, his clumsy handling of the process will prevent him from using the pick to improve his political standing.

March/April Events

Our campaign will continue to meet with constituents and local Republican groups throughout late March and early April. We will also hopefully be able ramp up our door-knocking operation and meet with even more voters one-on-one. 

Our activities in the coming month will showcase our strategy to win the June 14th primary. Things are really starting to ramp up!

How To Get Involved

Our campaign is eager for Nevadans to help out in any way they can. Here are some options:

Visit our website at to sign up to volunteer.

Like us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, GETTR, gab, and Rumble.

Donate $5, $10, $15, $25, or whatever amount you can give.

February and early March were great, and we look forward to further success in late March and early April. Thank you for your support!

– John Kovacs