John Kovacs for Congress January-February 2022 Campaign Newsletter

John Kovacs for Congress January-February 2022 Campaign Newsletter

Hello Fellow Patriot!

Thank you for your support in helping me bring my America First conservative agenda to Washington. This newsletter is the third in a series that I will send out to inform supporters about my campaign’s activities, major issues, and events taking place in Nevada, in the 3rd Congressional District (CD-3), and nationally.  

January was a great month, and I want to highlight our new Election Integrity Center and growing social media profile, as well as top events from the month, the issues we discussed, and significant campaign developments. I will then mention our plans for February, which is when we will begin ramping up for the June primary.

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Introducing Our Election Integrity Center

For months, Nevada voters have expressed concern about the integrity of the state’s election process. We shared their concerns and decided to take action to address them. As such, we are proud to introduce our Election Integrity Center, which is now live on our campaign website! It has links to documents and websites that explain all about the election process, online portals that allow people to register to vote or check their voter registration, and forms that allow people to sign up to be poll workers and mail-in vote counters. It also provides a comprehensive list of key dates leading up to the June primary election. Become informed and get involved in the election process today!

Our Campaign’s Growing Social Media Presence

We have based our campaign on engaging with voters across social media, and I take pride in the fact that I now lead my top opponents, April Becker and Susie Lee, in Facebook engagements. And that’s not all. In just under six months, our Facebook page has gained almost 4,000 followers and 3,400 likes, and is adding more at a fast pace. Our following is growing because people are starting to see the truth. I am the only candidate focused on the voters of Nevada and the issues that are important to them. People know that I will act, that I will listen, and that I am the right person to represent CD-3. 

The stats don’t lie!

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This month was filled with activities, as I spread my America First conservative message to the residents of CD-3.

On January 13th, I conducted the first of two interviews this month with Kevin Wall. We discussed the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Biden Administration’s COVID vaccine mandates, the Senate’s votes on the “voting rights” bill and the gutting of the filibuster, and the new Election Integrity Center on my campaign website.

Also on January 13th, our campaign participated in a CD-3 Republican candidate debate forum hosted by a newly formed group, the Battle Born Republican Women. We answered questions about my biography and major issues, which hopefully gave the members a better idea of who

I am and what I’m fighting for.

On January 14th, our campaign attended a rally outside Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto’s Las Vegas office to urge her to preserve the filibuster. We made very clear that we are strongly against any changes to the filibuster that would advance the Democrats’ left-wing agenda.

On January 17th, our campaign marched with the Nevada GOP in the Martin Luther King Day Parade in Downtown Las Vegas. It was a great opportunity to honor the iconic civil rights leader, whose belief in “content of character, not color of skin” is increasingly under attack from the far left. Furthermore, the reception to the state party’s presence was positive, which shows that African Americans are looking for an alternative to the Democrats.

On January 22nd, I attended the Nevada Federation of Republican Women Leadership Conference. It was a great opportunity to meet so many women who are helping to turn Nevada Red.

On January 26th, I went on Wayne Allyn Root’s national radio show to discuss Joe Biden’s awful performance as president, the struggling economy, and the boiling tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

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Also on January 26th, I conducted the campaign’s fourth tele-town hall with future constituents in CD-3. We talked about my background, Nevada’s June primary, and a number of issues, including election integrity, crime, and the threat of war between Russia and Ukraine. To encourage participation, we also polled the audience on many of these topics. It was great to receive people’s opinions on these subjects and gain a better understanding of what matters most to the residents of the district.

On January 27th, I attended the Spring Mountain Republican Women meeting. I had the opportunity to inform them about my message, and I look forward to working with them in the fight to defeat Susie Lee.

Finally, also on January 27th, I sat down with Kevin Wall for our second interview of the month. We talked about the Election Integrity Center on my campaign website, Joe Biden’s struggles as president, the Russia-Ukraine standoff, and the state of the race in CD-3.

We were very active in the community throughout the month, and we look forward to attending and hosting more events in February and beyond!

Major Issues

While there are many major issues facing Nevadans and Americans writ large, there are three that are currently top of mind:

Inflation/Unemployment: Inflation continues to be a great danger to the American economy, as supply-chain bottlenecks limit the amount of available goods and government stimulus drives demand beyond what the economy can bear. And January saw worse news. With inflation reaching seven percent year-to-year between December 2020 and December 2021, (its highest level since 1982), the Federal Reserve announced in early January that it will begin tapering the bond-buying program that it launched during the initial COVID outbreak, possibly as soon as March. It also indicated that it will likely raise interest rates multiple times this year. While such measures are necessary to stop runaway inflation, they will also cause unemployment to rise. As such, the economy is in for a rough time in the coming months, trapped between continued high inflation and the tradeoff of higher unemployment. I hope we will be able to avoid a recession.

COVID/Vaccine Mandates: Since late November, the Omicron variant of COVID has spread rapidly across the world. It moved so quickly that the U.S. saw over one million reported cases in a single day in early January. Fortunately, Omicron has evolved to be less deadly than past variants and has been described as similar to the flu. Nevertheless, Joe Biden has continued his effort to impose vaccine mandates on the American people, in spite of the loss of freedom and the economic harm they will cause. He has faced broad pushback, with the most critical clashes coming in the courts. The Supreme Court heard oral arguments on Biden’s private-sector and healthcare worker vaccine mandates on January 7th and, as I describe in the next section, delivered a split ruling, striking down the former while upholding the latter. As such, the battle for freedom from vaccine mandates is not over.

Democrat Radicalism: The Democrats began the new year trying to pass an extreme proposal to federalize all U.S. elections. With the bill facing major obstacles in the Senate, they cynically attempted to use January 6th to promote what can only be described as a brazen power grab. Claiming that Republicans were a “threat to democracy” because of the events at the Capitol last year, the Democrats promoted the measure as the only way to “save” it. They also argued that because of the “vital nature” of this legislation, they needed to get rid of the filibuster (a rule that imposes a 60-vote threshold for most legislation in the Senate) or at least create a carve-out for “voting rights.” And, to top it off, they condemned anyone who criticized the proposal as an evil racist (most notably when Joe Biden compared the measure’s opponents to George Wallace, Bull Connor, and Jefferson Davis). This episode speaks volumes about today’s Democrat Party. Its members are so power mad that they are willing to break key democratic institutions and norms (voting laws and legislative procedures) in the name of “saving” democracy. Furthermore, they try to stigmatize anyone who commits the “sin” of disagreeing with them. This radicalism is a major threat to the country, and it won’t stop unless we take action. 2022 is a decisive moment for stopping the left’s authoritarian march through our country. That’s why I am running for Congress this year.

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Major Campaign Developments

January saw three major developments with regard to the issues that will shape the 2022 election.

The first was the Supreme Court ruling on the Biden Administration’s private-sector and healthcare worker vaccine mandates. On January 7th, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in both cases. On January 13th, the Court delivered its rulings. The outcome was net positive for individual liberty and free enterprise, as a 6-3 decision struck down the more impactful private-sector vaccine mandate on the grounds that Congress never granted the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) the authority to make such broad rules. However, a 5-4 decision upheld the vaccine mandate for healthcare workers on the grounds that hospitals that accept Medicare and Medicaid face a number of requirements to ensure that health care is provided safely. On balance, the outcome was a defeat for the Biden administration, but the arguments over vaccine mandates will certainly continue because of the healthcare worker ruling. As such, this will remain a hot topic in the 2022 election.

The second development was the collapse of the Democrats’ agenda. With the Build Back Worse bill stalled indefinitely, the Democrats turned their attention to usurping power from the states by federalizing elections. To do this, however, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer needed to convince Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, both fellow Democrats, to alter the filibuster. Long fearful of the harsh repercussions of such a move, Manchin and Sinema stood their ground against enormous pressure (including from Joe Biden himself) and refused to allow changes to the filibuster. Even so, Schumer forced votes on the “voting rights” bill and filibuster changes, and both measures predictably went down to defeat. With progressives failing to push through Build Back Worse or a bill federalizing elections, they are demoralized and much less likely to turn out in the midterms. This, together with Biden’s atrocious approval numbers with independents, is a recipe for a major Republican wave in November

The third development was the amazing turnout for the March for Life during the weekend of January 22nd. Thousands of pro-life activists attended the event in Washington, D.C., under the backdrop of the Supreme Court’s expected ruling in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case this June. The March served as a reminder that a decisive moment is coming on the abortion issue, and that the Court’s decision will impact politics not only in 2022 but for years to come.

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February Events

My campaign will continue to meet with constituents and local Republican groups throughout February. We will also hopefully be able to knock doors by the end of the month and start engaging with voters one-on-one. 

My campaign will continue to meet with constituents and local Republican groups throughout February. We will also hopefully be able to knock doors by the end of the month and start engaging with voters one-on-one. 

Our activities in the coming month will lay the critical foundation for our efforts leading up to the June primary election. Things are about to get exciting!

How to Get Involved

Our campaign is eager for Nevadans to help out in any way they can. Here are some options:

  • Visit our website at to sign up to volunteer.
  • Like us on Facebook, Twitter, Getter, YouTube, Rumble and Instagram (@johnkovacsforcongress, @kovacsforNV3, JohnKovacsforCongress).
  • Donate $5, $10, $15, $25, or whatever amount you can give at our website or via our ads on social media.

December was a great month, and we look forward to an excellent January. Thank you for your support!

— John Kovacs

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